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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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authorities say they believe the plane's owner, dale smith of san jose, was at the controls yesterday. this is a photograph of smith taken from the website of cordless communications llc where he's the ceo. rescue crews are expected to resume searching from the ground and the air when the weather finally clears. also new at 6:00, cries for help may have fallen on deaf ears and countless children left in danger. that's according to a county ordered audit that reveals anywhere from 40% to 50% of calls to the child abuse hotline in santa clara county went unanswered. nbc bay area joins us in san jose this evening. stephanie, unanswered calls. how long was this happening? >> reporter: raj, according to that audit at least for more than a year, again, according to the audit that was ordered by county officials after getting tipped off by people who work here in social services. and now one supervisor tells me that they're paying close attention.
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every time the phone rings, is another chance that sparky holland may save a life. a child's life. >> we're dealing with teenagers often who are calling who really are desperate for help. >> reporter: help to get away from physical and sexual abuse. harland says here at the center in santa clara where she's ceo, there are 38,000 calls to the hotline each year and 100% response rate from the three to four people answering the phones. >> for us, it's like being a fire or police station, you answer though calls. >> reporter: the county's hotline is is staffed by about 18 people on each shift answering fewer yearly calls, the county hotline only answered 50% to 60% of its calls. >> if the call isn't answered, will that neighbor report again? probably not. that's probably it. there's one chance to get some of these calls. >> reporter: bruce is the top department head overseeing the county hotline. he says the reason for the poor
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response rate was staffing. >> was there ever any communication that there was a staffing problem? >> oh, yeah, we've had discussions about that and we've had, i mean, ongoing discussions about that with the people and the ceo's office. >> reporter: wagstaff says the hotline response rate has improved up to 90% but he said it wasn't because of the audit. >> we were doing different things during the course of the a audit, moving staff, bringing staff in, shifting staff. >> reporter: this man said the department dropped the ball. >> how do we hold people accountable throughout the organization? should somebody be terminated by this, about this? >> what we don't know is how many years this has been going on. yes, somebody should have been watching. >> reporter: now, the audit also reported that close to $1 million was cost to the county by this social services agency sort of unstructured staffing
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schedule, and so that was part of the audit. the supervisors, meantime, have ordered social services to respond to 100% of the calls to the hotline by the next meeting on this which is in mid december. the social services director tells me the department will meet that deadline. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. now, to some developing weather. the bay area is bracing for a cold snap. we want to show you a live look now outside the national guard armory in sunnyvale, the long line is people waiting to get into the shelter, opening at 6:00 p.m. tonight for the evening. it's one of three cold weather shelters in the south bay opening its doors for the first time this season. there's a big line as we showed you minutes ago. people anxious to get inside. it goes around the corner. the big question is, how could will it get this evening? we go to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking the temperatures. >> this could be some of the
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coldest weather we've seen in nine months across the bay area. right now with the cold air mainly off to the north, we're seeing winds pick up in advance of some of the chilliest air arriving. winds gusting from 28 to 38 miles per hour. it is going to be blustery. we do not think the coldest weather will arrive until wednesday morning. we're warning you now because, again, this is going to be down below the freezing mark. temperatures ranging 25 to 32 degrees. so you want to make sure to protect those plants and also, of course, bring those pets inside. this includes all of the east bay. everyone back here in the tri valley also for the north bay, south bay and for most of the peninsula as well. les go ahead and get a look here as we head throughout the next two days. looks like not only chilly in the morning hours but for the afternoon as well. wednesday afternoon, daytime highs expected in the low to mid 50s across the bay area. 69, today, to 55 as we head throughout wednesday's forecast. we'll also have details on some sierra snow and how much we could get across the higher elevations coming up later on in
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the show. >> okay. thank you. more details on the cold weather shelters. they will be open every night from now until the end of march. in addition to the shelter in sunnyvale, people in need of a warm place to go can go to the becarda reception center in san jose. as we showed you, the national guard armory, one in gilroy as well. tonight there's a major break in a bizarre crime. it's not enough to comfort a father whose son was gunned down while trying to sell a playstation video game console. cheryl hurd joins us in san francisco. the victim is well known in the community, right? >> reporter: that's true. he was honored by former mayor willie brown and also former 49er ronny lott. we don't know much about the 21-year-old who is now behind bars but police worked quickly to make the arrest. late tonight, police announced they made an arrest in the case. >> the suspect has been identified. he has been arrested. it's ronny collins.
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he's 21 years of age. a resident of san francisco. he's being charged with murder and attempted robbery. >> reporter: but even news of the arrest isn't doing much to help a daley city family that is now in mourning. >> he does that all the time, things like electronic, so this is what we does, every time he does it. >> reporter: that may be what cost him his life. ikenna uwakah's father is wondering how an online ad turned deadly for his son. ikenna was shot to death near the corner of bayshore boulevard around 3:30 yesterday. according to police, that's the location where he agreed to someone who responded to his online ad to sell his playstation 4 for cash. police say the killer took the video console then repeatedly shot ikenna. >> i love him to death.
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i don't know what i can say. >> reporter: onyebuchi uwakah described his son as a nice boy who enjoyed buying and selling electronics. the video console uwakah was selling is a very hot item that's been flying off store shelves. >> said that the body's with the medical examiner. until he's done with his job. >> reporter: we know uwakah was with his girlfriend when the transacti aaction turned deadly. she was not injured and was able to call 911. uwakah's family lives in daley city. he was attending a college in los angeles studying economics. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. now, for an nbc bay area follow-up. the captain in charge when the costa buscan container ship crashed into the bay bridge six years ago will not get his license back. today, a federal judge dismissed john cotas' lawsuit against the
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coast guard. he was suing to get his mariners license restored. the 66-year-old spent nearly a year in prison after pleading guilty to polluting ocean waters. an investigation concluded he was going too fast in the morning fog and the oil spill contaminated dozens of miles of shoreline and killed thousands of sea birds. pg&e line 147 is back up and running again despite the objections of neighbors and city leaders wary of its safety. the metro pipe gas line had been shut down for months now. as joe rosato jr. shows us, p g g&e got the go ahead to start it up again, even after facing tough questions from the state. >> reporter: burden park in san carlos is where neighbors walk dogs, play baseball ar take a stroll. >> i drive down this street maybe three or four times a day. >> reporter: just 20 feet away, below britton street is pg&e's
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gas line, number 147. the utility began running natural gas through the line over concerns of neighbors like mike mcquaid. >> they haven't gotten down to the brass facts and understand the details of what's happening. >> reporter: in october, pg mrnd e was ordered to shut down the line, documents revealing potential flaws in the pipe. >> we know from the experience in san bruno what can happen if something terribly goes wrong. >> reporter: the state allowed pg&e to restart the line today after it agreed to reduce pressure, while san carlos' own expert believes the line is safe, city managers think the move to press it into service is premature. >> we don't think it's fair, we think pg&e is putting service ahead of safety. >> i'm satisfied line 147 has been maintained and operated safely. >> reporter: today in san francisco the state public utilities commission questioned pg&e officials on why they waited eight months to notify
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the state after first discovering the inconsistent documents regarding the safety of 147. >> i cannot understand how any organization that is committed to public safety and transparency, especially one that was affected by a tragedy like san bruno, would have allowed the facts to lie hidden for so long. >> reporter: pg&e ceo tony early vouched for the safety of the line and said the utility is working to improve communication. >> when a leak was discovered, we fixed it. when a discrepancy in the records was identified, we investigated and corrected it. >> reporter: pg&e faces a $15 million state fine over its shoddy recordkeeping, along with many more hearings and questions. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. well, just into our newsroom, a mess in south san jose because of a water main break this evening. take a look. crews at camden avenue and boze lane accidentally hit this main. that line has been shut off, but about 30 customers are without water at this hour.
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workers are now on site. you can see them there trying to repair and restore service. no word yet on how long this process will take. redwood city today, dozens of protesters gathered to oppose the opening of a new planned parenthood clinic. the marmonte clinic on el camino riyal is set to open tomorrow. protesters collected signatures in 11 days from people who feel the clinic shouldn't be allowed to open. several raised concerns about the fact the clinic will offer so-called chemical abortions. opponents say it's not their only complaint. >> so we're very concerned about these three issues. you know, the lowering of our property values, our children being such young age and losing their parents' consent. and the troubling past that marmontet planned parenthood has. >> clinic is set to open around noon tomorrow. we have reached out for a comment but have not received a
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call back. up next, how fast was it going? how speed impacted that deadly train crash near new york city. plus, sfo's terminal gets a makeover. the changes passengers can expect to find and how it could speed things up at the airport. also -- >> reporter: i'm jodi hernandez in berkeley, where the agender teenager set on fire just four weeks ago has returned back to school. we'll have a live report coming up. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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happening now, a candle light vigil began just moments ago in san jose at the corner of oak and vine street, a scene after a driver hit and killed a 3-year-old last week. in a 48-hour period,estrians al lives in san jose, the city is on track for the most pedestrian
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deaths ever. simply urging drivers to pay more attention. back to school, back with a slew of friends and supporters. less than a month after 18-year-old sasha fleischmann was set on fire while sleeping on an ac transit bus, the teen headed to class. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has been following the story from the beginning. she continues our coverage from berkeley. you were there as sasha arrived. >> reporter: i was. sasha fleishman surprised a lot of classmates when the teenager showed up at school this afternoon. we were told there were a lot of smiles and a lot of hugs as the teenager came back to class. >> there was a lot of oh, hey, sasha, and joy. >> reporter: that's how classmates reacted to sasha fleishman's return to school. four weeks after set on fire aboard an ac transit bus, the agender 18-year-old surprised classmates by returning to class. >> it was great. we were very, very happy to see
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sasha. >> really wanted to get back today. we had to wait a long time at the hospital for the appointment. >> reporter: sasha's mother says doctors gave the teen, who prefers to be referred to as they or them, the green light to go back to class. but she says it will take time to fully heal and for sasha to feel ready to ride the bus again. >> just because they're still really getting their legs back in terms of being able to walk and everything, it just doesn't make sense to be doing the bus right now. >> we are thrilled to have sasha back at maybeck high school, and we are hoping that we will give sasha the space to get back into the academic groove of things. >> reporter: but sasha doesn't appear to be missing a beat. friends say the teen not only actively participated in physics class but even danced the waltz during ballroom dance club
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meetings. in fact, michael berkhed said he was sasha's dance partner. >> strict movement a little, but they managed to do very well on their feet. they're very strong, obviously, and they're not going to let this push them down. >> reporter: sasha's classmate tells me that students are full of admiration for sasha and how sasha has dealt with this whole thing. again, class mates are very happy that sasha is back. reporting live in berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in the north bay now, sonoma county supervisors are considering building a memorial park for the teenager killed by a sheriffs deputy. a deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez back in october. investigators say the deputy ordered lopez to drop his weapon which was actually a toy designed to look like an assault rifle. supervisors will vote on the park issue tomorrow. san francisco police say they have surveillance video of
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the man who threw cats into the bay, killing them. watch. this is a surveillance video. it was released this weekend. animal control officers say they're canvassing the waterfront looking for a homeless man who's suspected of stealing another homeless woman's cat carrier with two cats inside. they're asking anyone who knows where he is to come forward and help them. the man is being described as white, 6'1" with long, dark hair. they say he often carries a large army pack and rides a skateboard. did you feel it or sleep right through it? two minor earthquakes rat ld the south bay early this morning. first one, 2.5 magnitude. shook four miles south of gilroy. see the map here around 1:30 this morning. a half hour later, a stronger quake hit the same area, measured 3.7. let's take a peek at the new boarding area under construction at sfo's terminal 3. crews are redesigning it to make it traveler friendly. located at the home of united airlines will help people get to
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their gates quicker, a raised terrace allows passengers to see the entire layout and amenities at once. local stores and restaurants will give people a taste of san francisco and travelers also will find all kinds of seating. >> so like terminal 2 they're seating at the gate and in the concourse area, the walkway. there's dining seating then work seating and lounge seating. >> the new and improved boarding area will open next month. >> if it's anything like terminal 2, then i like it. >> beautiful. yeah. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we need extra blanket and watch the pets and flowers, right? the plants. >> yes, do all of those three things. you're going to be good to two as we head throughout the next couple days. not overly cold. temperatures in the 50s. that's totally doable. we're used to that this time of year. at this hour, san francisco at 55. also in the east bay, 54. the thing you're going to notice here across the east bay as well, we'll start off at 50 here. at 6:00 a.m. what we're going to find by 1:00 p.m. is temperatures not too much warmer. only about 4 degrees of warming
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expected across parts of oakland as we head throughout the afternoon hours on our tuesdays forecast. our 24-our forecast, see we'll start off chilly in the south bay. mid 40s. by the noon hour, only upper 50s. again, this cool air starting to filter in. will be impacting us as early as tomorrow. peninsula, upper 50s. as we head throughout lunchtime. san francisco, upper 40s to start at 7:00 a.m. as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours, it's going to begin to drop quickly with temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll also get a look across the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley. we do think some of the coldest weather will likely be in the north bay with 39 degrees expected then for the tri valley, this is normally one of our spots where we can see huge temperature jumps by the noon hour. but from 7:00 a.m. at 47, only expecting 60 there as we head throughout those afternoon hours. so, again, some cooler air filtering in for tomorrow. i really think the thing that is going to be most notable to us is as we head throughout tomorrow night, the clouds are going to clear, and take a look
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at this. across the north bay, in napa, 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, we will likely have temperatures in the upper 30s. so that means as we advance this into tomorrow morning, we're going to see numbers by tuesday and also into wednesday morning primarily here dropping into the 20s as we head throughout 5:00, 6:00 and also 7:00 in the morning. again, on wednesday. so, with that coldest weather expected for wednesday morning, right now we do have that freeze watch here for most of the bay area. where we are expecting, again, those cold -- that cold air to continue across the bay. we'll have more coming up in a little bit, you guys. >> in the 20s. december is here. thanks, jeff. still ahead here at 6:00, three bay area cities that are extremely hot in terms of the real estate markets. plus, unraveling the mystery. what google is really planning to do with those barges. one of them which is floating in the bay.
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how do you feel a little barge shopping? a new theory on the high-tech barge that google is building near treasure island. we're learn now that it's going to be a floating retail store. that's at least what the "chronic "chronicle" is reporting. they found a report written by the construction company working on the barge. $35 million project is called hangar 3. three barges are being built and will be docked in san francisco, los angeles, and new york. your local politician is getting a pay raise. today, a 5.3% pay hike went into thefe effect for the california legtture, the first pay hike in more than six years after repeated salary cuts during the recession. the state's citizens compensation commission instituted these raises. however, a handful of lawmakers are asking the state controller to withhold the extra cash from their paychecks. >> i'm one of the members, i don't actually take the per diem, either. hey, the economy is down, you need to protect the public fisc. that's my record, personally. i leave my office, even in the
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state capitol, i turn off the light switch. >> with the new hike, the base pay is more than $9 5,000 annually. it's the highest in the country, although politicians do not receive pension. former giants slugger barry bonds is paying up but he isn't giving up on having part of his conviction overturned. bonds has now paid a $4,100 fine in connection with the federal obstruction of justice conviction. the jury ruled the giants legend was criminally evasive during his 2003 testimony before a grand jury regarding performance-enhancing drugs. the sentence also includes 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation, and 250 hours of community service. bonds has not started serving part of that sentence. his attorneys are now asking for another appellate court to review the case instead. today the 49ers played santa instead of football, one of their best programs of the year. ask any player and they'll tell you the same thing. part of the team's annual holiday cheer program. there's anquan boldin, wide
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receiver. each player paired up a child from a low-income family with the goal of spendi ining a $300a gift card. >> one of the things we love about this event, the kids come armed with wish lists for not just themselves but their families, their moms, their dads. we've seen in past years the kids loading up the carts with diapers, blenders, things that are very selfless. we love to see the spirit of giving. >> very good cause with a lot of smiles on their cases. it's truly a one-on-one experience for the kids and the players. they chat and learn about each other. encounter is also designed to boost confidence and self-esteem in the children. >> heartwarming. well, still ahead the fiery crash that killed actor paul walker. what nbc news has learned about whether drag racing played a role. the search for answers after the horrific train crash in new york. tonight, how fast investigators say the train was going when it derailed. we'll have a live report. and i'm janelle wang. a family is holding out hope
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tonight that a vice presidential trip could be the key to getting their loved one released from north korea. and it's hard to believe, pope francis reveals what he used to do for a living. next in your "world tonight."
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treading lightly. vice president joe biden is in asia tonight hoping to make progress on two sensitive topics. >> nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our "world
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tonight." >> raj and jessica, one issue has local ties. vice president biden is expected to discuss the detainment of palo alto war veteran merrill newman in north korea. biden arrived there today. the white house has already issued a formal request for newman's release. the 85-year-old was detained in late october after the end of a ten-day visit to north korea. over the weekend, north korean television aired a video of newman apologizing for crimes during the korean war. experts believe the statement was coerced. during the war, newman served in a top-secret army unit. nicknamed the white tigers. which trained anti-communist guerillas. vice president biden will also visit south korea during his trip as well as china where he will meet with president xi jiping. the two will most likely discuss china's new claim over the east china sea and the threat it continues to make to countries who fly over that airspace. violence is escalating in
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southern asia tonight. as anti-government protesters clash with police in thailand. at least four people have been killed there after three straight days of fighting in bangkok. nearly 30,000 people are protesting, determined to topple prime minister sinowat who they claim is heavily influenced by her brother, a former prime minister that was toppled back in 2006. one of the most romantic travel destinations got more romantic day. same-sex marriages officially began in hawaii. ceremonies started after midnight today. hawaii is the 15th state along with the district of columbia to legalize gay marriage. one of the highest profile religious figures in the world had one of the most surprising jobs. pope francis used to work as a bouncer. that's right. kicking troublemakers out of nightclubs. the pope recently told a church group he worked as a bouncer in his college days at a buenas aires nightclub and swept floors at a lab and later taught
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literature and psychology. that's your "world tonight." new details in the deadly train derailment in new york city. what you're looking at is cell phone video that shows right after the crash. four people killed. dozens injured. investigators are continuing to search through that twisted metal and battered rail car today. jay gray is live tonight from scene of the accident with more on what they found and what comes next. >> reporter: hey there, good evening, jessica, to talk to you. we do know now speed was, in fact, a factor in the crash here. we know that investigators, as you talk about, are working through the evidence. they're also interviewing those that were on the train, including employees when it left the tracks. the national transportation safety board has now confirmed speed was a factor in the crash of the metro north commuter train sunday that left four people dead, and injured more than 60. >> the preliminary information from the event recorders shows that the train was traveling at
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approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30 mile an hour curve. >> reporter: ntsb investigators plan to talk with the driver and conductor of the train today. the conductor said there was a problem with the brakes as the train entered a sharp turn along the harlem and hudson rivers. there were about 100 people riding the train at the time of the crash. >> actually a couple people were hurt very badly right in front of me. yeah. pretty r literally, the woman in front of me, she was bleeding from her head pretty bad. we really couldn't get out. >> reporter: as many now begin to recover from their physical wounds, doctors warn the mental scars could take much longer to heal. >> i think it's going to be different for different people. we certainly have the ability to provide outpatient mental health and crisis counseling services here. >> reporter: just part of what will be a long and difficult recovery in the wake of the deadliest commuter train crash in new york in the last 20 years. yeah, the investigation is going to take some time as well.
6:34 pm
teams will be on the ground for another week to ten days, here, and officials with the ntsb say it will take a year or longer to determine the official cause of this crash. live in new york, i'm jay gray, raj, back to you now. >> all right, jay, thank you. a somber mood in hollywood tonight. there are plenty of questions into the death of actor paul walker. nbc news learned the crash was not the result of drag racing, as has been widely speculated. tonight a new photo has surfaced showing the "fast and furious" star next to the car he was in when he died. police say he was a passenger in the porsche gt, when it plowed into a tree and light pole then burst into flames. this happened on saturday. authorities say that the street where he crashed is known to attract drag racers and the sheriffs department says speed was a factor in this crash. they're still trying to determine, though, how fast the car was going and what caused it to go out of control. a san mateo man is dead after being hit by two separate cars. as he tried to cross el camino
6:35 pm
riyal. it happened around 6:15 this morning near the highway 92 overpass. the man has been identified as 50-year-old scott van dike. police say he was not walking in a marked crosswalk when he was hit. one of the drivers did stop at the scene. the other driver took off, but police were able to track him down. police are now trying to determine if any criminal charges should be filed. a scare for several people in belmont today. when a car crashed into a building. you see the picture here. it happened on continentals way. this is near rolton middle school. no one was hurt in the crash and there was minor damage to the building. no word yet on what led to this crash. a fight with a high school transgender student will be discussed tonight in west contra costa county. the school board is hosting a special public meeting that stems from a fight involving a transgender student and three other students, all females at hercules high last month. all four were suspended after the fight which police say
6:36 pm
started when the transgender student hit a girl in the school's courtyard. some say the fight may have been sparked by ongoing harassment. tonight's meeting got under way at 6:30 in richmond. going fast. the best three places in the nation to sell homes are, yes, right here in the bay area. the real estate blog analyzed the most 100 populated places in the u.s., the best places to sell a home and be the seller, free monday, san jose and san francisco. rankings are based on home prices, number of homes on the market and the average time to sell a house. still to come near at 6:00, closed for good. the beloved deli that served its last sandwich in san francisco. plus a surprising thing walmart customers went crazy for on black friday. here's a hint. less than a buck, it cost. i'm scott budman. laptops up, it's cyber monday. coming up, a look at how we shop now and how we might get our packages delivered in the future.
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and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. skies are clouding up right now, but we're about to undergo some major cold air moving in across the bay area. we'll talk about who could have 20-degree temperatures coming up in that full forecast.
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only in san francisco, would you find the chicago-style jewish deli run by a brazilian. now it is closed after 26 years in hayes valley. no one knows who the original was, and it means belly button
6:40 pm
in yiddish. the name was already on the building when brazilian, joe satler, bought it and turned it into chicago-style deli and developed a loyal following. no word on why he's hangs up his apron. a sign outside notes it's hard to say good-bye. as you probably know by now, it's a short holiday season. the rush is on to get christmas trees. because of the late thanksgiving, there are fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas this year. but talia ranch christmas tree farm in san martin has been in business for more than 40 years. it opened for the season on friday and hundreds of people rushed in looking for that perfect tree. >> you can't base it on a couple, three days worth of sales because you'll say, gee, this is really going good, then you try to stock more and sales turn down. so we'll have a better grasp on it in another week. but a little early, but the early business has been very good. very brisk. >> my guess is it will be a very brisk week to come as well. so far, sales seem to be similar
6:41 pm
to what they were last year. want to update you on our nbc bay area food drive. at last count, 80,794 bags of food have been donated. we are so thankful and there is still time to give. the food drive goes, of course, until december 25th. if you want to have a complete list of our locations, visit our website, all you need to do is search "holiday food drive." there we were on thanksgiving day. jeff says it's going to be really, really cold. i know what i'm getting you for the holidays, feetty pajamas for both of you. matching. >> my favorite. i haven't had those since i was 5 or 6. >> you're getting one. >> we could wear it on set. >> i have size 12 feet. >> i'll be doing some research. don't worry. >> i am very excited about this, you guys. let's take a live look outside of our sky camera network. we have clouds at the coastline. it's all about the cold coming in. we'll let you know about the 20-degree temperatures and our freeze watch coming up in a few
6:42 pm
minutes. i'm dave feldman in the comcast newsroom. a's shell out big bucks for a starter. a pac 12 coach heads south for the winter. 49sers won yesterday but also sustained a big, big loss. an injury that could have the 49ers doing something they haven't done since 2008. hear from jim harbaugh. it's coming up next in sports.
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okay. it's cyber monday. the online deals are red hot. if you haven't started shopping, be warned. we mentioned earlier it's a short holiday season. business and tech reporter scott budman spent the day tracking the shopping. you didn't spend any money of your own, scott? >> no, i did earlier. cyber monday a formality at this point, raj. shoppers are buying mobile devices more than anything this holiday season and are shopping on mobile devices. this cyber monday is yet another example of how especially here
6:45 pm
in the bay area, more of us are shopping online than ever before. it's like a caffeinated holiday. cyber monday, where shoppers fire up the wi-fi to spend billions of dollars on presents without ever having to stand in line at a mall. >> especially around the holidays, the lines, the crowds, and the time. and you don't want to be rushed, but when you're at home and online, like, you feel like you have more time to actually make, i think, better decisions. >> no crowds, and being able to, i think, visit many stores all at once, which you might not all have in one place in your mall. >> reporter: here's what you may find at your mall. a digital store front where you can shop online outside. back inside, web sales that, according to the paypal data crunchers, will jump more than
6:46 pm
20% from this time last year thanks to what paypal calls couch commerce. >> the notion of consumers being able to take advantage of watching tv, shop from their phone, pay at the same time from the comfort of their own home. >> reporter: what could be more convenient than home delivery from a drone? amazon giving us a peek into the future of gift delivery. again, one-click shopping and no long line. >> paypal actually predicts as soon as five years' time we're going to eliminate needing to stand in lines completely. >> reporter: lots of technology to speed up your shopping experience. >> and a reminder, with more savings come more scams. the fbi putting out a cyber monday warning today about scammers looking to take advantage of your online shopping. best advice, shop only on websites you know and trust and avoid e-mail offers. they're offer viruses in disguise. >> thanks, scott. here's a little interesting tidbit about shopping. you're not going believe what
6:47 pm
black friday item flew off walmart shelves this year. towels. yes. towels and wash cloths were sold in packs of six for $1.79. that comes out to 29 creents a towel. walmart sold nearly 3 million towels. shoppers took to twitter to report people fighting over the towels. more and more people are taking part in small business saturday. this is what it looked like in san francisco for shoppers. people spent $5.7 billion at small businesses across the country. national federation of independent business and american express survey says that's up from last year's number. all the buzz gave small businesses a strong start to the holiday shopping season. >> did you say you're almost done with your holiday shopping? >> i'm almost. i have to look for feety pajamas that can accommodate a size 12 foot. >> overachiever. >> jeff ranieri, she's almost done. >> i can't believe it. i did a little shelfless shopping online. i have a long list to get through. it feels like the holidays on a black friday. sales, you know, the past couple
6:48 pm
of days. of course, the cyber monday deals. so it's just on time. windy, cold beginning to arrive. we want to focus on the next big thing for us. that is some of the coldest air that's going to getting here as we head throughout wednesday morning. all of the bay area except for san francisco under this freeze watch as we head throughout wednesday morning. that's where temperatures will range 25 to 32 degrees. so you know the drills. remember to protect those pets and also bring those plants inside or cover them up. let's get you outside right now to the sky camera network. right now, it's not overly cold. just hold on. by this time tomorrow night, a lot colder coming here across the bay area. right now, san francisco at 55. the other thing you'll notice, the camera shaking around a little bit here. this wind is increasing. so even with temperatures in the 50s, you get some of this wind and it is certainly feeling blustery out there. then we also want to take you to the south bay. the thing you're going to notice here, as we head throughout tomorrow, we're not going to see too much warming. 6:00 a.m., 50 degrees. afternoon hour, 3:00 p.m., just
6:49 pm
54. certainly jacket weather staying in the mix for tomorrow and a good section of this week. so let's take a look at the pattern. this is what's responsible for all that cold air. this cool front that's going to continue to drop down for tonight, dragging down this arctic blast for us here across the bay. i do not think tomorrow morning is going to be the coldest. certainly going to be chilly with 36 in santa rosa. napa also at 37. walnut creek at 42. again, some of the coldest air arriving as we head throughout wednesday morning. the other thing we're going to have to deal with here is that wind. beginning to ramp up tonight at the coastline. as we head throughout tuesday in the north bay, the peninsula, also for parts of the south bay, we could see wind gusts anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. not only cool, but blustery across the bay. here's what you can expect. the worst of the chill to arrive as we head throughout wednesday. also thursday morning. and you can see it's going to be for the north bay and also the east bay where temperatures will likely range 25 to 32 degrees. remember to dress in layers. seems like common sense. just a couple of layers when you're starting off with
6:50 pm
temperatures in the 30s can make a huge difference for us. we'll get some more on the sierra winter weather advisory coming up. i want to get a look at our microclimate forecast. what you're going to find across the bay is tomorrow, again, it's going to be cooler by 10 to 15 crews. san jose, 58 degrees. mostly sunny by the afternoon. peninsula, upper 50s. san francisco, expecting 58. also right along the marina, temperatures in the upper 50s. we're not seeing too many contrasts in the overall temperatures because of the cool front that's moving across. the east bay, 58 expected in hayward. also temperatures right near 60 for pleasanton and also for livermore. let's get now to that sierra winter weather advisory. this is in effect until 4:00 m. on tuesday. 3 to 6 inches of snow expected up there with this cold air moving on down at snow levels at 4,500 feet. we want to leave you with this. the coldest day ever in santa rosa. any guesses, you guys? >> 5 degrees. >> oh. very close. >> 14. 14. >> christmas, 1924, 9 degrees.
6:51 pm
can you believe that? it's all relative. thankfully we're not going to be this cold the next couple days. >> that's an old graph, a 1924 graphic. >> wow, on a big new monitor. >> we were both over. let's bring in dave feldman from the comcast newsroom. he and harbaugh went to high school together. maybe he spent thanks giving eating turkey with the coach. >> he didn't invite me, raj. thanks for bringing up a sore subject. by the way, you didn't invite me either. a lot of very famous people did not invite me to join. >> i was working, feldy, thanks for watching. >> jim harbaugh known for his colorful rhetoric, from the olive jars, armadillo skin, and after the 49ers 23-13 win after division rival st. louis yesterday, harbaugh showed off some more characteristic enthusiasm unknown to mankind. >> round 12.
6:52 pm
round 13 coming. round 12. everybody, congratulations. that was strong man stuff. okay? as we said, this is only where this is going. so let's get you guys healthy. let's get ready to answer the bell for round 13. all right? but hell of a job you guys. way to step up. >> but out of the wind came some bad news. pro bowl left tackle joe stalely sustained a sprained mcl yesterday, walking a brace on his knee but not using crutches. mindi with more as the 4ers get ready for seattle. >> reporter: with injuries to joe stalely and left guard mike, they could have two backups starting on the line against seattle, a first since jim harbaugh became head coach. he praised them for handling the changes in the win over the rams. >> went out to tackle. did a very good job. >> he was good. good in pass protection.
6:53 pm
joe loony did a good job. he was confident. he, you know, he went right at guys. and thought he played very well. >> reporter: against seattle, the offensive line need to find a way to get frank gore going. the running back had less than 50 yards rushing in east of his last three games. >> man in the box. yeah, they just -- they did a good job stopping the run. and we countered with the pass which was very effective. >> reporter: seattle's pass defense is the best in the nfl, allowing a league low 180.4 yards per game. harbaugh expected the seahawks' monday night game against the saints to be on the tvs in the facility but said he and his staff would not gather to watch it. in santa clara with the 49ers, nbc bay area. >> thanks. the oakland a's paid big
6:54 pm
bucks to richard kazner, making him instantly the highest paid player on the a's roster. the 29-year-old pitched for the cleveland indians last season, 10-9 with a 4.0 e.r.a. back to football. steve sarkesian returning to ufc. he was the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for pete carroll no. he's the man in charge, a california native and leaving the huskies he's run for the past five seasons. that will do it for us. cal basketball, the anteaters tonight. we'll have more. and raj and jess back with more in a moment.
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finally tonight, prince harry along with teams of wounded soldiers from the u.s. and uk are racing to the south pole several days after bad weather delayed the so-called walking with the wounden challenge. the hope is to raise money for servicemen and women to help them find employment. >> every single person taking part in the challenge is extraordinary. the fact that these guys have made it to this point is extraordinary, and, you know, i count myself incredibly lucky to be part of it. >> prince harry. they'll be covering a distance of 175 miles in freezing temperatures. the challenge should take about 15 days. >> a video looks freezing and very difficult. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00, hopefully. bye-bye. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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